Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chai Kueh - Jawi

This is another one of the three authentic Jawi Chai Kueh in Sungai Bakap.

There are three good ones in Sungai Bakap/Jawi:

#1 - the original one, opposite a roast duck/pork shop, near Jln Badak Mati/Jln Besar intersection. Also quite near the police station.

#2 - the newer one (relatively speaking), same row as Ambank

#3 - another newer one (this one), somewhat opposite #2 and next to a roast duck/pork shop.

This is from #3.

The standard, must have, Chinese chives filling chai kueh :)
teochew chai kueh in jawi R0017289 copy

A closer look.
jawi teochew chai kueh..R0017305 copy

Another popular filling is sengkuang/jicama. Different, but still very good. I like both.
Jawi teochew chai kueh with jicama/sengkuang filling...R0017291 copy

This one was with pumpkin filling. First time for me. I guess it will take time to get used to this new flavour but I appreciate the effort they put in to create new flavours.
jawi teochew chai kueh pumpkin filling..R0017300 copy

Jawi teochew chai kueh with sengkuang/jicama filling...R0017293 copy

I also ordered yam/taro paste (Or Nee). Not very good though but I was comparing it to the one in Ding Tai Fung, which wasn't very fair at all :D
taro/yam paste....R0017303 copy

Fried cellophane noodle (Hokkien/Teochew - tanghoon, Cantonese - Dongfun)
fried cellophane noodle R0020253 copy

This is the shop, which is just somewhat opposite the first one I reviewed. There are a total of three chai kueh restaurants in Jawi - the first and original one, and these two relatively new ones.
Restoran soon lee hou chai kueh R0017281 copy

Kedai Makan Hwa Aik is just next to Restoran Soon Lee Hou.
Jawi / sungai bakap chai kueh and roast duck R0020247 copy

However, I didn't like both the roast duck and roast pork at all.
hwa aik roast duck and roast pork R0020256 copy
The duck skin was completely soft and the meat wasn't very flavorful. The roast duck's skin was quite crunchy but the fat and lean part weren't up to par with the best I have tried.

GPS Coordinate: 5.224819,100.495318

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