Monday, December 17, 2012

Original Chai Kueh - Jawi

As promised, I finally went and tried the original chai kueh at the very first chai kuah restoran in Jawi/Sungai Bakap.

There are three good ones in Sungai Bakap/Jawi:

#1 - the original one (this one), opposite a roast duck/pork shop, near Jln Badak Mati/Jln Besar intersection. Also quite near the police station.

#2 - the newer one (relatively speaking), same row as Ambank

#3 - another newer one (this one), somewhat opposite #2 and next to a roast duck/pork shop.
Look wise, all three are almost the same, and all served fresh out of steamer! The dumpling skin in the first, original outlet was not as translucent though.
chai kueh, jawi / sungai bakap R0020488 copy
The skin was also noticeably not as soft as the other two. The skin of the other two outlets broke easily as soon as you pressed on it with chopstick, and of course as soon as you sank your teeth onto it.  However, the skin in this original outlet was, while still soft, just took a little more force to sink into.

I liked the chive filling in this outlet best though as it was full of wok hei! Nice.
chai kueh R0020487 copy

Restoran Soon Lee
restoran soon lee, jawi chai kueh R0020482 copy

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The original roast duck is just opposite this original chai kueh shop.
 wah seng, original roast duck shop jawi R0020490 copy