Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lao Zi Hao Bak Kut Teh-Kepong Baru

Lao Zi Hao Bak Kut Teh, (老字號肉骨茶) Kepong Baru. I actually didn't come here for the BKT. In fact I didn't even know there was one there. The only reason I walked in was because of the RM10 per tilapia fish banner! LOL.

Anyway, I ordered a single portion with everything in, but with less fat meat.
lai zi hao bak kut teh R0021730 copy
Nice clear broth with just the right amount of herbal taste.

lou ji hou bak kut teh kepong baru R0021731 copy

lao zi hao bak kut teh, kepong baru R0021732 copy

The "yau fun" (oily rice/fragrant rice) was nice. Fragrant but not overly so till it interferes with the taste and flavour of the soup.
fragrant rice , yao fun R0021734 copy

R0021726 copy

R0021727 copy

RM12 per pax. "Shang Kuat" (fresh pork rib) available at RM15 per pax. I think you'll need to call ahead for that. Off on Monday.
lao zi hao bak kut teh, price list R0021724 copy

It came to RM13 for the BKT, oily rice and hot Chinese tea.

After 4 pm, this place offers "dai chao" as well. In fact, it was the RM10 per fish (tilapia) that attracted me to walk in in the first place!
restoran seafood fat Boon R0021736 copy

Address: junction Jalan Amboi 3 and Jalan Kepong Baru
GPS Coordinate: 3.20756,101.644918

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