Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kedai Kopi IUI - Dengkil

Kedai Kopi IUI is located on Jalan Besar, Dengkil. It's right next to the famous restaurant, Sin Ki.

I ordered one sang yuk pau and one mui choy pau each at first.
Dengkil pau R0021842 copy
You will notice that the pastry was a little yellowish and not snow white like what you would get in most dim sum places. Bleached flour is used to make that kind of white pau.

Sang Yuk Pau 生肉包. Yummy and only lean pork was used. 
sang yuk pau 生肉包 R0021849 copy
I also ordered a bowl of red bean soup.

sang yuk pau 生肉包 R0021846 copy

Mui Choy Pau (梅菜包). Very nice too.
Mui Choy pao R0021845 copy

Yau Char Gwai (You Tiao,油条). Crispy outside yet soft and tender inside. Not chewy like what you would get at most other places.
yau char guai R0021851 copy

you tiao R0021850 copy

Menu and prices
Menu and prices R0021840 copy

The frying was done outside where everyone can see it. You can see how clear the oil was before deciding whether to go for the fried you tiao and hum chin peng.
Dengkil Pau R0021839 copy

Dengkil Pau R0021838 copy

Only RM6.70 for one sang yuk pau, one mui choy pau, one yau char gwai and a bowl of red bean soup. I didn't try the hum chin peng as I was quite full already.

Kedai Kopi IUI, Dengkil R0021853 copy

No 95, Jalan Besar Dengkil,
43800 Selangor.

GPS Coordinate: 2.85856,101.679816

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