Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Restoran Peng Yew - Gopeng

I came to know about this restaurant when I saw my friends posting food photos from this restaurant. I was particularly attracted by the Yong Lam Pou (mutton belly in claypot) and sambal petai (stinky beans). Unfortunately, both items were not available on the night of our visit :(

Stir fried snakehead fish fillets with spring onions and ginger. Really yummy stuff! RM36
stir fried snakehead fish fillet with spring onions R0022053 copy

Fish bone wine soup. The bony parts of the fish were deep fried and then cooked in yellow wine soup. RM7
snakehead fish soup R0022049 copy

Stir fried celery. RM8
stir fried celery R0022062 copy

Ham Yu Fa Lam Pou (Salted fish and pork belly in claypot). RM12
ham yu fa lam pou R0022059 copy

The bill came to RM79.90 including one large Tiger beer, one tea and 3 plates of rice.

restoran peng yew gopeng R0022045 copy

restoran peng yew gopeng R0022043 copy

Restoran Peng Yew
50, Jalan Aman, Desa Lawan Kuda
31600 Gopeng, Perak
Tel: 016-5321520, 012-4682310

GPS Coordinate: 4.452156,101.15303

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