Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chicken congee, Gopeng Food Court

I used to think that Gopeng (and Kampar) were ghost towns until recently, when a friend showed us around town to check out some eateries. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many hidden treasures in the little town of Gopeng. I know I will be skipping Ipoh when I travel up north again next time!

We had only two days and one night in Gopeng but we managed to try out a few outlets.

The first one was this chicken congee from the Gopeng Food Court near the wet market (?). A little raw but still very nice. Lean, flavorful meat.
poached chicken R0022025 copy

congee / porridge R0022029 copy

congee /porridge R0022030 copy

There was no signage at this stall. Stall M21.
chicken congee /porridge stall, gopeng pasar R0022024 copy

Only RM16.70 for 3 bowls of congee/porridge and the plate of poached chicken you saw above.

Location: inside the Gopeng Pasar /wet market.

GPS Coordinate: 4.47522,101.168214

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