Friday, March 15, 2013

Siu Chao - Sri Sinar Food Court

This is the "Siu Chao" (小炒) stall in Sri Sinar Food Court.

Sambal petai with minced chicken. RM7.00. For RM1 more, this plate comes with way more petai than the other place here.
sambal petai with minced chicken R0021693 copy

Again, this is not the sambal petai I am familiar with. To me, real one should be something like this.
sambal petaik R0021695 copy

You can see the menu here.
R0021697 copy
View larger image  here.

R0021698 copy
View larger image here.

R0021699-2 copy
View larger image here.

R0021700 copy
View it larger here.

R0021702 copy

Address, map and gps coordinate can be found here.