Sunday, December 2, 2012

Norway salmon fish head noodle-Kepong

I drove by this area last week and saw a fish head noodle outlet. Must be quite new. Like all things fish, this place caught my attention. A week later, I drove by again and decided to stop by to try out the fish head noodle there.

I normally go for clear soup without milk but I saw that they have curry version too so I decided to go for this.

Only RM7.50. (RM8.50 now after promotional period) The curry gravy was quite good, and more importantly, the fish was fresh too!
salmon fish head curry noodle R0019913 copy
Four pieces of fish head parts.

Only one type of noodle but that's not a problem for me. I like the al dente noodle. It didn't get soggy at all even towards the end.
salmon fish head curry noodleR0019917 copy

Only bones left, and I finished the curry gravy too! :D
salmon fish head noodle kepong R0019927 copy

Located just behind Kepong's Crystal Crown Hotel.
Norway salmon fish head noodle R0019911 copy

Only one type of noodle so ordering is quite simple. Either fried or un-fried fish head, or prawns, in either clear soup or curry.

Noodle - only one type
Fish/prawn - fish, prawn, or mixed
Soup - clear or curry
norway fish head noodle kepong R0019907 copy

I think RM7.50 is promotional price.(RM8.50 now)
norway fish head noodle menu R0019908 copy

I like this place and I will come back to try other items on the menu. But the black coffee was super expensive though. RM2.50? Well, I didn't ask for a breakdown, but if the noodle was RM7.50 as shown on the menu, then the black coffee had to be RM2.50, right?

Edit: confirmed that black coffee (kopi-o) is RM2.50. See my second visit entry below.

For my second visit, I opted for spicy and sour soup type.

Spicy and sour Norway salmon fish head noodle
spicy and sour norway salmon fish head noodle R0020149 copy
The soup was really nice. Just the right amount of spiciness and sourness in it!

There were 4 chilies like this in the broth.
spicy and sour salmon fish head noodle R0020153 copy

spicy and sour salmon fish head noodle R0020156 copy

For my next visit, I will try the clear soup type (cheng tong).

Edit: clear soup type:
norway salmon fish head noodle RIMG0019 copy

norway salmon fish head noodle RIMG0018 copy

3rd visit:
Fish head and prawns curry noodle. RM14!!! Overpriced as normal fish head curry noodle is like RM8.50, which meant four medium/medium small prawn cost me RM5.50!!!
R0022463 copy
Totally not worth it IMO.

Google Map:

GPS coordinate: 3.203933,101.667459

Jalan Jambu (Behind Brem Mall and Crystal Crown Hotel in Kepong)

8:15am to 4 pm daily.

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