Thursday, June 27, 2013

Northam Beach Cafe - Penang

I thought I was quite familiar with Penang, but had no idea there was this cafe by the beach in that part of town. But then again, you can't see it from the road if you were just driving by. Northam Beach Cafe is opposite MBF building. Plenty of car parking space available.

Lor Bak
R0023027 copy

Thai style clam. Slightly sour and very garlicky. Nice!
R0023024 copy

Rice with fried fish. Tasted some. Not to my liking.
R0023022 copy

Fried rice. Didn't taste it but looked good though.
R0023021 copy

公芭蝦麵 (Teluk Kumbar) prawn mee. What I had. Really couldn't find anything special to it. But very natural and no indication of excessive MSG so that's good by me.
R0023019 copy

Teochew style fried porridge. Smelled good, looked good. Not sure about the taste
R0023017 copy

Long long sausage :P. I tasted some. Not very flavorful.
R0023014 copy

The food there are okay but just don't expect them to be great. The ambiance was   wonderful though. Great sea view, breezy and with a small sandy beach to boast! Should be a great place for a drink or two, and lots of chit-chatting!

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R0023031 copy

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Northam Beach Cafe
58, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Georgetown
6pm-11pm; closed on Tue
Tel: +604 229 0362
GPS coordinate: 5.428056,100.322757