Monday, June 10, 2013

Tropical Fruits of Malaysia

Some of the tropical fruits you get in Malaysia. Most of them anyway. Some are imported.

Sugar apples/sweetsop (Annona squamosa). I love these. Red ones are not as common as the green ones, but no difference in taste though. More about sugar apple here.
sugar apples R0022871 copy
Try not to call this custard apple as custard apple is a common name for a few types of fruits/trees. Check this out.

red sugar apple R0022867 copy

Thai sugar apple. Really not nice. The texture and even the taste were different.
thai sugar apple 665102_10151231872128276_551643807_o
I think it's similar to cherimoya?

Tampoi (white fleshed) and the other (orange fleshed). Tasted somewhat similar - slightly sweet, and sourish.
2013-12-08 14
More info on Tampoi here.

Red dragon fruits /Pitaya. White version is available too.
red dragon fruit 471782_10150771554838276_1572946789_o

starfruit, belimbing 338270_10150297182473276_7867723_o

Star gooseberry, Phyllanthus acidus. Any idea what it's called in Malay?
star gooseberry, phyllanthus acidus 174921_10150291052903276_1738510_o

Tarap/terap. Not available in Peninsula Malaysia though. Only in Borneo. I had this in Tawau, Sabah. More about it here.
tarap / terap R0021082 copy

Durian - the king of all fruits!!! More about it and our visit to a durian orchard here.
durian R0019781 copy

Mangosteen, another of my favorite!!!
mangosteen R0019818 copy

Pulasan. It's like rambutan but with harder shell. Tastes better than rambutan though IMO.
pulasan R0020061 copy

Passion fruit
passion fruit R0019814 copy

cempedak R0011118 copy

What it looks like inside.
2013-12-08 14b

The fruits inside can be eaten raw or deep fried like this
cempedak goreng /deep fried chempedak R0011127 copy

Buddha's Hand. It's a type a citrus.
Buddha's Hand R0020779 copy

Persimmon /pisang kaki. Imported. Not grown in Malaysia.
persimmon 336546_10150450993033276_1470851371_o

Not sure if this is langsat or duku or lokong :D

Barhi Natural Desert Dates. Imported. Refreshing! Sweet but not as sweet as the dried ones, with the crunchiness of a medium ripe pear, and just a slight hint of bitterness, depending on the ripeness! Absolutely wonderful.

Salak. From Indonesia.
salak 288213_10150284703108276_83366_o

Sugar apricot from Turkey
sugar apricot from turkey

Alphonso mango (?) from India. RM10 for two. (RM5 each). Weighed in a about 12 Oz (340gm) each. Sweet and really great richness and flavor!
alphonso mango from Indian

Some local mangoes. Very nice.
local mangoes 241305_10150201586543276_3218022_o

Red skinned banana, not as common as the green ones. Tastes slightly different.
red skinned banana 256936_10151087209523276_1918880898_o

More will be added to this post from time to time.