Friday, June 14, 2013

Restoran Chau Y - Gerik

My friends and I went on a 2D/1N road trip to Gerik over the weekend. Tiring but fun! We had dinner in Restoran Chau Y, Gerik. Our first time in this restaurant.

Steamed Bak So Gong (catfish) with a strong hint of yellow wine/rice wine in it. Very nice. The flesh wasn't fatty at all like most others I have tried before. In fact, I would call it a little on the lean side and not as tender! RM55
steamed pak so gong (catfish) R0022893 copy
Definitely wild caught catfish (ikan baung, Bagrid catfish, Mystus spp.)

Wild boar curry. RM8. Yummy, wished the slices were thicker though. Like the one served here.
wild boar curry R0022886 copy

Sambal belacan pucuk paku. RM6
sambal belacan pucuk paku R0022888 copy

Stir fried siu bak choy. RM5
stir fried siu bak choy R0022889 copy

Prices of certain fish are on this white board.
Restaurant Chau Y, Gerik R0022879 copy

restoran chau y R0022877 copy

RM6 for four + two plates of rice.
RM8.40 for 6 glasses of herbal drink

Total = RM88.40

No. 8285-8286,
Jalan Suda Bahagia, off Jalan Intan,
33300 Gerik, Perak, Malaysia.
Telephone : 6012-452 4840 or 605-791 5977

GPS Coordinate: 5.447202,101.134962

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