Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jin Chwan/Bei Hai seafood restaurant

I had lunch with a friend in Jin Chwan Seafood Garden/Bei Hai Restaurant in Selayang today ( Dec 2007 :D:P). Just pick whatever live seafood from Jin Chwan, pay for it and they'll have it brought over to the restaurant next door for preparation, the way you want it.

Mak Choy with Fu Yu (Vege with fermented beancurd). Simple but nice
mak choy with fu yu DSC_0162

Stir fried changgual with dried shrimp ((大头仔). Great stuff
stir fried changgual with dried shrimp DSC_0164

Steamed catfish (Ikan Baung, Pak Sou gong)..what better way to enjoy fresh fish? :-)
steamed catfish, ikan baung, pak sou gong DSC_0168

Steamed crab with egg ((招牌蒸) the taste of the egg and crab blended in together so wonderfully. Must try!
steamed crab with egg DSC_0174

The seafood in #2, 3, and 4 cost only RM48. Vege, tea, dessert plus cooking charges came to RM62. Altogether RM110. Not too bad.

The two shops are side by side. Once you have selected the seafood you want, Jin Chwan will hand them over to Bei Hai.
Jin Chwan RIMG0084 copy Bei Hai RIMG0082 copy


Jin Chwan: No. 9, Jalan Bidara 2/4, Taman Bidara 68100 Selayang
Bei Hai: No 10, Jalan Bidara 2/4, Taman Bidara 68100 Selayang
Contact 03-6120 3333 (Jin Chwan), 03-6138 3688 (BeiHai)

GPS coordinates: 3.242111,101.643019

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