Saturday, April 16, 2011

Durian Orchard, Raub

July, 2010 visit to an orchard in Raub, Pahang. Raub is about 110km from Kuala Lumpur.

All you can eat durian buffet for only RM30. Price varies from season to season.  You will get to eat all the branded durians such as Musang King (Raja Kunyit), Ho Lor, Bamboo, Red Prawn,  Penang 24, D2, D24, D101 etc.

For the most up to date info, please check out You can find map and gps coordinate in the blog as well. Do update your Garmin/Papago maps from before heading there. Also helpful to get both the GPS coordinates of the exact location (3.8615166, 101.905483) and the right turn (onto the kampong road, near a green surau - 3.8622166, 101.8937). 

Ho Lor
hor lor durian from raub orchard

King of all fruits! Yum!
yummy durian, king of all fruits R0019808 copy

more durians, raub orchard R0019781 copy

Other hybrids(?):
raub durian orchard eddie yong 38328_419024368275_693313275_4522584_2408327_n raub durian orchard 38328_419024363275_693313275_4522583_6313848_n

durian orchard eddie yong 36952_419022018275_693313275_4522525_77612_n d24

Among the types of durians Eddie has in his Raub orchard.
types of durians /hybridsR0019776 copy

Besides the King of Fruit, we had some Queen of Fruit - mangosteen as well!


queen of all fruits, mangosteen R0019818 copy

Eddie Yong the orchard owner showing us how to open a durian using a what I called "durian pliers" :D
durian pliers 39015_419021423275_693313275_4522478_5771467_n 39015_419021448275_693313275_4522479_1999958_n

Having a feast!

One happy dog!
happy dog enjoying durian R0019791 copy

Give me all your durians or I'll shoot!
shot gun at durian orchard38328_419024338275_693313275_4522578_2160108_n

According to Eddie, this is to prevent squirrels from climbing up the trees.
keep out squirrel 38328_419024353275_693313275_4522581_1681845_n

Musang king on tree.

raub durian orchard R0019797 copy

Durians make you do crazy things :D
39015_419021468275_693313275_4522483_1795_n 35285_419023628275_693313275_4522560_6923306_n

Not sure if these were duku or langsat or dokong?
R0019853 copy

Unripe pulasan
unripe pulasan R0019851 copy

Some ripe ones here. They taste just like rambutan but better, and best of all the skin of the seeds don't come off together when you bite off the flesh!
R0020061 copy

Trigona bee farm
bee farming Trigona bee R0019843 copy

trigona bee farm in the durian orchard R0019844 copy

Passion fruits vines
passion fruits vines R0019829 copy

What's inside the passion fruit
passion fruit R0019814 copy

We definitely will be making another trip, or two, again this coming August!