Friday, January 25, 2013

Terap / tarap fruit

I have heard so much about this fruit that is native only to Borneo. They all told me terap/tarap tasted like cempedak, but better, with stronger smell/aroma.

More info about terap / tarap can be found here.

So before I went on a trip to Tawau, Sabah, I asked around a little bit and with the help from a friend, Andy Pang, we finally managed to have a taste of this wonderful fruit!

This is what it looks like
terap or tarap, R0021074 copy

Now for some sense of scale
terap / tarap R0021075 copy

R0021076 copy

Really easy to open too with just bare hand, like this:
R0021079 copy

R0021080 copy

This is what it looks like on the inside
the inside of tarap / terap fruit R0021081 copy

They were right when they said that it smelled like cempedak but much stronger and looked like cempedak but paler.
terap / tarap R0021082 copy

R0021084 copy

I liked it. I know when I go to Borneo again, I will try to find this fruit again, and other wonderful wild durians like izu, sukang, bungkak etc, and bambangan too. Well, anything new is good. Not just the fruits, but all other food as well, like hinava, bosou etc.

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