Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fish Head Noodle Fan Cam Mei restoran

I tried out a new fish head noodle place in Taman Sri Sinar. Restoran Fan Cam Mei (返寻味) Been there a couple of times.

This street (Jalan 6/38D) is always jammed almost all day long with many inconsiderate drivers double parking. I advise you to park a little further away on 5/38D (see the map at the bottom) where you can find a spot easily and take a short walk (less than 200 meters) to the shop.  

Edit: I went there there a couple of times the past few months. The quality of un-fried fish has deteriorated greatly. The un-fried fish wasn't as white as what you see in the images below, and didn't taste fresh either. It would probably be still okay if fried and served in soup with condensed milk, but as you all know, I only go for clear soup and un-fried fish!

From the first few visits when the un-fried fish was still fresh.

"Soong Yu" fish head in clear soup. Very nice. RM6.50.
fish head noodle fan cam mei taman sri sinar RIMG0031 copy

The menu. I have tried the "Ling Yu" Fish Head Noodle as well. Photos after my next visit there:)
menu at fan cam mei restoran fish head noodle RIMG0003 copy

RIMG0005 copy

You get 3 big pieces of fish in this bowl!
fish head noodle RIMG0015 copy

fish head noodle fan cam mei restoran RIMG0022 copy

fish head noodle RIMG0019

RIMG0025 copy

Opening hours:
restoran fan cam mei opening hours RIMG0034 copy

Restoran Fan Cam Mei is located right next to Restoran Kah Hing.
restoran fan cam mei fish head noodle RIMG0001 copy

Location Map:

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GPS coordinates: 3.1894025, 101.6527605