Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gulai Kawah Sri Ayu Sri Gombak

I went to this gulai kawah place in Sri Gombak for lunch yesterday. I am not sure if there's a name but I'll just call it Sri Ayu. Similar to Anis Putri in Pantai Dalam.

Ikan keli in chili sauce (cat fish)
sri ayu chili cat fish ikan keli RIMG0160

Many dishes to choose from.
sri ayu gulai kawah dishes RIMG0155

balitung RIMG0158

gulai kawah sri gombak dishes RIMG0151

sri ayu sri gombak grilled fish RIMG0153

malay food fish dishes RIMG0147

Grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf
banana leaf grilled fish RIMG0142 copy

Ready to be unwrapped and savored :P
grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf RIMG0149

RIMG0146 RIMG0145 copy
RIMG0144 copy RIMG0143 copy

What I had: mutton curry, mango kerabu, patin fish head. RM9.00
sri ayu malay food RIMG0161
Ikan Patin (Pangasius spp.). 

Mutton curry, tender but not as tender as I'd have liked it.
malay mutton curry RIMG0169

malay dessert tapai glutinous rice RIMG0184

Recent visit:
2013-10-23 12.50.26 copy

2013-10-23 12.50.58 copy

2013-10-23 13.10.30 copy


Medan Selera Taman Sri Gombak, right next to the 3-in-a-row petrol stations: Esso, BHP, Petronas.

GPS coordinate: 3.240579, 101.704506

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