Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ampang Tandoori Chicken

Ever since I tasted how wonderful good tandoori can be in a high end northern Indian restaurant, I was hooked. Unfortunately, good ones are hard to find. Not too long ago, I was informed about this outlet opposite Ampang Point which served good tandoori at reasonable price. Finally, I had  a chance to check it out last night!

Tandoori chicken, 2 pieces, chopped. RM10 for two pieces.
tandoori chicken R0019302 copy

The tandoori chicken was very good. Well marinated, tender and not dry. Quite a bit of MSG though.
chicken tandoori, ampang point R0019300 copy

It was so good I almost wanted to order one more piece but decided not too :D
tandoori chicken R0019297 copy

Garlic naan (RM2.50) and cheese naan (RM4.50). We ordered one each so we could share and enjoy both types :)
garlic naan and cheese naan R0019296 copy
The naans were quite thin. The garlic naan was quite dry. The cheese naan was okay, of course, because of the cheese in it. The gravy and mint sauce were really no good though. Too watered out, not hot and very stingy portion.

Expect to wait about 10 to 15 minutes for your tandoori chicken.
tandoori urn R0019289 copy

Starts selling at night and it was still very packed even after 830pm. Just look around and you will notice that all the tables ordered tandoori chicken!
R0019288 copy

R0019286 copy

R0019283 copy

Location: Just directly opposite Ampang Point, i.e on the other side of Jalan Ampang.

Opens at night only.

GPS Coordinate: 3.157147,101.750084

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