Monday, October 29, 2012

James Cendol - Old Klang Road

I posted about my bad cendol experience at Peggy's in PJ Old Town Medan Selera. A few people suggested that I try out James Cendol over at Old Klang Road. I found the address and gps coordinates from google and entered it into my Garmin, but still, it took me more han 20 minutes to locate the place! Turned out it was on the other side of Lee Chong Wei sports arena, the side facing Old Klang Road.

Finally, the cendol, with pulut (glutinous rice) too! RM3.00
james cendol at old klang road R0019265 copy
I am sure you could tell that the shaved ice was too coarse and the cendol noodles were too soft and soggy! Not much of gula melaka syrup (palm sugar) either!Very little santan (coconut milk) as well.

The best cendol noodle I have had so far is at this stall at Lebuh Presgrave, Penang. Nice, translucent and jelly-like.

About the only thing that I like was the coconut shell bowl the cendol was served in. Really nice!
james cendol old klang roadR0019264 copy

I must admit that I have only tried cendol with pulut once before. That was in Kulim, and that one was much better than this one by miles. Cheaper too.
james cendol at old klang road near lee chong wei sports arena R0019260 copy

Rojak pasembur. RM4.00. The fritters were so dry and chewy :(, and lack of flavor.
rojak pasembur R0019272 copy

rojak pasembur R0019268 copy

This place was clean and airy though.
cendolR0019256 copy

james cendol R0019258 copy

GPS Coordinates: 3.081365,101.662785

You might not be able to find James Cendol even with the gps coordinates. Remember, it's just next to Lee Chong Wei sports areana, not on the Seri Sentosa side, but the Old Klang Road side! From Sri Sentosa side, just enter LCW sports arena and out the other gate, you will see a basket ball field and James Cendol. You can also come in from OKR if you are heading towards

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