Friday, October 12, 2012

Ipoh Hor Fun - TTDI

I have tried the real Ipoh Hor Fun in Ipoh itself and loved it. However, I only know of two Ipoh Hor Fun places in KL. Chong Thoong Kee in TTDI is one of them. The other one is TK Chong in Damansara Perdana.

The hor fun was quite smooth with lovely prawn oil flavour which I have gotten used to and like. I actually found it a bit weird at first:D.
chong thoong kee ipoh hor fun in TTDI R0019096 copy

The chicken was just okay for me. Not exactly tender and smooth.
TTDI ipoh hor fun, Chong Thoong Kee R0019095 copy

Prawn wonton. Tasted quite good, nice and crunchy with hint of sesame oil aroma.
prawn wonton chong thoong kee ttdi R0019102 copy

prawn wontons chong thoong kee TTDI R0019105 copy

Bean sprout. Not as good as Ipoh's but still nice and crunchy.
bean sprout, chong thoong kee ipoh hor fun, TTDI R0019100 copy

Only 12.05 pm but the place was already quite packed.
ipoh hor fun chong thoong kee ttdi R0019089 copy

Menu with prices (Oct 10, 2012)
ipoh hor fun chong thoong kee ttdi R0019109 copy

The bill came to RM9.50. But if I were to follow the prices on the menu, it should have been 7.80 (hor fun with wonton) + 1.00 (bean sprout) + 0.50 (hot tea) = RM9.30. Hmmmm....

TTDI ipoh hor fun chong thoong kee R0019112 copy

Restaurant Chong Thoong Kee
Jalan Wan Kadir 1
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinate: 3.139046,101.629659

Google Map:

It's somewhat hidden in between TTDI wet market and VADS building. The shop is facing the open car park of the wet market.

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