Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crappy crabs - De Foodland Manjalara

De Foodland is supposed to be a crab specialty restaurant. I went there once during lunch time but they were not open. They open only for dinner! My friend and I had dinner there just a couple of days ago. We had high expectation of this place because it seemed very famous and popular from most bloggers' reviews online.

At first we wanted our crabs to be baked. I really can't think of any other better ways of enjoying nice fresh crabs other than this way. To our disappointment and surprise, the staff told us that they don't serve crabs this way, so we had to choose from the other 30 fancy flavours :(. We went for salted egg yolk instead. Minimum order is 2 crabs.

The crabs with salted egg yolk was very different and rather bland. No sign of the crabs having been deep fried before and they seemed wetter than similar dishes I have had at all other places. RM74.40
de food land manjalara crabs with salted egg yolk  R0019339 copy

We were told that these were Indonesian crabs, but the quality was really inferior compared to what I had at this other place before.

We suspected that one of the two crabs was not fresh. The crab was hollow and the meat was soft, soggy, and flaky. I rinsed off the coating and took some photographs of it. See the last few images.
de foodland manjalara crabs with salted egg yolk R0019335 copy

The sang har meen was so so only, and cost RM35 for a one person portion! The flesh was a little too hard. Probably overcooked?
de food land sang har meen / sang har mee  R0019326 copy

I was told that you can have really good one at Soo Kee , Soo Kee's son (Meng Chuan) and Keong Kee in Jln Imbi for RM25, single portion! They are on my to-try list :D
sang har mee, sang har meen R0019330 copy

Stir fried eggplant. RM10. Not too bad but the dried shrimps in it were very hard and rubbery!
de food land / de foodland, stir fried eggplant R0019325 copy

Now, the images of the crab we suspected was not fresh.
de food land / de foodland R0019354 copy

As mentioned earlier, I rinsed off the coating so I could see what it was like underneath.
crappy crabs at de food land / de foodland R0019353 copy

crappy crabs at de foodland / de food land R0019350 copy

de food land / de foodland R0019349 copy

de foodland / de food land R0019348 copy

De Foodland, Menjalara, crabs R0019459 copy

Google Map:

GPS Coordinate: 3.192662,101.638893

Tel: 03-62744796, 016-2331141

25 & 27, Jalan 3/62B
Bandar Sri Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur

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