Monday, February 11, 2013

Bitter Gourd hor fun-Ann Cafe Kepong Baru

Delightful bitter gourd hor fun in Kepong Baru wet market area.

RM6.00 including a glass of hot Chinese tea. I thoroughly enjoyed this bowl of bitter gourd hor fun with generous amount of bitter gourd, some ginger slices, minced pork and smooth hor fun. The broth was nice too with a hint of rice wine (花雕酒 Hua Diao Jiu)  in it.
bitter gourd hor fun / noodle R0021258 copy

This lovely, friendly Indonesian lady did all the cooking. You can see a bottle of 花雕酒 (rice wine) here. According to her, rice wine is added only to certain dishes. I didn't ask her which ones.
hao hao wei xiao can ting R0021264 copy

Bitter gourd noodle is just one of the many choices you have here. You can get pork, pork balls, crab filament sticks etc.
R0021261 copy

R0021263 copy

The name in Cantonese would be Ho Ho Mei (好好味小餐廳). But the English name is Ann Cafe(?)
R0021268 copy

Ann Cafe (好好味小餐廳)
Jalan Camar (Kepong Baru Wet Market area)
Hours: 630am to 230pm
Off day: not fixed.
GPS Coordinate: 3.200792,101.645061

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