Thursday, February 21, 2013

Paradise Dynasty - Paradigm Mall

Post CNY lunch at Paradise Dynasty.

Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng
prosperity salmon yu sheng IMG_8955

prosperity salmon yu sheng IMG_8959

Xiao Long Bao (original flavor). Subpar.
xiao long bao IMG_8968
The xiao long bao's were definitely way inferior than those from the two big players in town. There was still juice inside but the crinkly top was hard and chewy.

I was planning to go try the colorful 8 flavors xiao long bao's but after this disappointment, I doubt that's going to happen.
xiao long bao IMG_8973

Chilled assorted egg loaves.  Lovely.
</p><p>Chilled assorted egg loaves in Yang Zhou style  IMG_8970

Yang Zhou style Chilled jellyfish and seafood in vinaigrette. The prawns were quite fresh.
chilled jellyfish and seafood in vinaigrette.  IMG_8972

Bamboo shoot and seafood soup. I added some vinegar in mine. Tasted good!
bamboo shoot and seafood soup IMG_8975

Hong Kong style steamed pomfret. My friend and I agreed that it wasn't very fresh.
steamed pomfret fish hong kong style IMG_8980

Sauteed scallops with kailan. Love the stir fried egg white, very fragrant. The scallops were great too. I think this was my most favorite dish of all.
Sauteed scallops with kailan IMG_8982

Crisp-fried duck. Slightly salty with sweet dipping sauce, to balance the taste I guessed. Nice but I still prefer the normal roasted duck.
crisp fried duck IMG_8987

Stir fried la mian with shredded black fungus and minced pork. Very good "wok hei" and flavorful!
Stir fried la mian with shredded black fungus and minced pork. <br></p><p>IMG_8989

Chilled aloe vera with Osmanthus in honey lemon juice. Very refreshing. Loved it. Wouldn't mind another bowl!
Chilled aloe vera with Osmanthus in honey lemon juice <br></p><p>IMG_8991

This set cost RM688++ (for 10 pax)
paradise dynasty RM688++ set meal for 10 pax
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Paradise Dynasty
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