Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara - Tmn Melati

Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara 3 Rasa in Taman Melati, just a few steps away from the LRT station.

RM6.00 for this one. More expensive than most other stalls but there was ikan masin (salted fish). The fried chicken was big too and quite nice. Not cold, hard and dry like many stalls I have tried.The gravy was also not too bad.
nasi kukus ayam dara taman melati R0021272 copy
However, those of you who are familiar with nasi kukus might be able to tell right away that the rice isn't right, and you are right!

The rice was the weakest link. Nowhere as soft, fluffy as any of the nasi kukus I have tried. Why? I only found out after eating while taking more photos for this posting.
nasi kukus ayam dara taman melati R0021271 copy

R0021275 copy

nasi kukus ayam dara 3 rasa taman melati R0021277 copy

You can see from this crop (of the image above) that the rice wasn't steamed but simply cooked the usual way. You can see cooked rice sticking to the sides of the big pot especially on the right hand side. 
not kukus

False advertisement? Or maybe only on that day?Everything else was okay, but the cooked (not steamed) rice spoiled it all.

Jalan Madrasah. Only about 250 meters from Taman Melati LRT.
GPS Coordinates: 3.219654,101.720529

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