Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Restaurant D&R, Shah Alam

Restaurant D&R is inside Kompleks PNKS, Shah Alam, which is just opposite the SACC (Shah Alam Convention Center). I was there to cover an event for the evening and decided to have my late lunch there.

Quite pricey. RM9.10 for this including one limau ais (iced lemonade). The ikan keli (cat fish) with chili looked quite pathetic but luckily, it tasted quite okay. However, that could be because of the late hour - 4pm - of my visit there. Not many dishes left too at that hour.
Restaurant D&R, shah alam R0021187 copy

ulam and sambal, restoran D&R, shah alam, kompleks pkns R0021189 copy

restoran D&R, kompleks pkns, shah alam R0021191 copy

Quite many dishes to choose from, but it's nowhere as many and as good as my favorite here.
R0021193 copy

Various kuih muih and cucur udang too.
R0021192 copy

Restaurant D&R R0021195 copy

Address: Kompleks Pkns Shah Alam G60 Persiaran Tasik, 40000 Shah Alam
Phone:03-5511 4978 
GPS Coordinate: 3.072118,101.517245