Sunday, February 17, 2013

Woo Ng Kee - Taman Ehsan

Post CNY Loh Sang Dinner with the gang in Restoran Woo Ng Kee in Taman Ehsan.

Loh Sang! Fatt ah! We ordered the "Yee Sang" to go and had it in a friend's house :)
loh sang, yee shang R0021524 copy

The yee sang was very different from all the others I have tried. I detected some kaffir lime leaves in it and this was further confirmed when we saw juliennes of kaffir lime leaves.
yee sang, R0021516 copy

Steamed "wan yu" (grass carp) with minced ginger, and garlic. Probably my most favorite dish of the night.
steamed wan yu with ginger R0021501 copy
Surprisingly, no bones like most other fresh water fish?

Stir fried leek with pork belly. Okay.
stir fried leek and pork belly R0021497 copy

Stir fried kailan with mei cai, aka Mei Lan Mei Lan Wo Ai Ni (梅蘭梅蘭我愛妳). Nice name :D
mei lan mei lan wo ai ni, stir fried kailan and R0021495 copy

Deep fried mantis shrimps coated with egg yolk.
deep fried mantis shrimps coated with egg yolk R0021492 copy
Probably my least favorite dish. Oily taste and I couldn't really taste the mantis shrimps and egg yolk flavors.

Deep fried chicken with pickled young ginger (Keong Nga Gai)
keong nga kai, fried chicken with young ginger slices R0021491 copy
I think I liked the pickled young ginger slices more than the deep fried chicken. The deep fried chicken pieces were just a little hard and not very tasty.

Roasted duck. Chui Pei Ngap.
chui pei ngap, roasted duck with crispy skin R0021488 copy
Didn't like this either. Definitely far from the best roasted duck I've ever tasted. I only like those from either here, or here.

Fish head curry. Very lemak (lots of santan/coconut milk).
fish head curry R0021485 copy
Nice and lovely. Very mild and kids friendly I guess, but really way too mild for my liking. So far, my fave is this one.

Eight dishes with a pot of hot Chinese tea came to about RM200 for the eight of us.

woo ng kee, taman ehsan R0021479 copy

woo ng kee, taman ehsan R0021482 copy

Restaurant Woo Ng Kee (胡伍纪冷气海鲜酒家)
545, 546, 547, Jalan Ehsan 3/7,
Taman Ehsan,
52100 Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6274 2305
Business Hours: Opens daily from 11am - 2:45pm and 5pm to 11pm. Close every Thursday.

  GPS Coordinates: 3.22116, 101.623906

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