Tuesday, January 29, 2013

YHK BBQ Chicken Wings@Chu Yu, Sri Sinar

YHK BBQ Chicken Wings at Chu Yu restaurant, Taman Sri Sinar, Segambut. After many trips to Chu Yu restaurant, I still hadn't tried the BBQ Chicken wings. That one day I saw this newspaper cutout that was pasted on this stall. Apparently, some politician loved the chicken wings here!

chicken wings? R0021020 copy
You can view it larger here.

So finally I decided to give it a try. It used to be only RM2.50 each. But when I went back there again today (Jan 13, 2013), the price has gone up to RM2.60 each. It's not just this stall that has raised its price, many other stalls have done the same. Yes, New Year! Oh yeah!

RM2.60 each. Two wings here. The bbq chicken wings were good but I wouldn't call them great. It was the special chili sauce that raised the flavour a couple of notches up. Slightly spicy, but not that spicy, with a distinct lime taste! They were quite stingy with the portion though.
yhk bbq chicken wings, sri sinar segambut R0021023 copy

yhk bbq chicken wings, chu yu restaurant, sri sinar segambut R0021022 copy

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For map and gps coordinate of  Chu Yu restaurant, click here.