Thursday, December 20, 2012

Penang Rojak - Gurney Drive

Best in the world, LOL. There are quite a few rojak stalls there and they are all very very good. I really can't tell which one is better unless I order one each and taste them in one session! However, a Penang friend told me that the best is GP Soon. This one, however, only starts selling at like after 8pm! The other stalls start as early as 4 pm, till late night.

You can order it to go/ take-away /tapau too. They will pack the sauce and the crispy ingredients separately so the rojak won't get all soggy by the time you get home. I think it is okay for a two to three hour's of travel/journey. Even KL too, I think, but I have never tried that.

penang rojak, gurney drive R0020238 copy

penang rojak, gurney drive R0020242 copy

penang rojak, gurney drive R0020246 copy

From other visit, probably different stall. Can't remember:
penang rojak R0013156 copy

R0017274 copy

Tan Swee Hoe rojak, stall #52
gurney drive rojak stall R0020474 copy

GP Soon, stall #39. Opens only at night, about 8pm onwards.
GP Soon rojak, gurney drive, penang R0020472 copy
I was told that this is the best. I tried it again just the other day. It was nice but wasn't really to my liking.

Stall #77
rojak at gurney drive, penang R0020471 copy

Ah Chye Rojak, stall #56 (directly opposite stall #77)
ah chye rojak, gurney drive R0020469 copy

Rasa Sayang Best Rojak, stall #67
rasa sayang best rojak, stall #67, gurney drive R0020466 copy

It's just a really short walk from Gurney Plaza!

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