Monday, November 19, 2012

Restoran De' Champion Duck @ Manjalara

So I was checking out other food blogger's posts to get ideas on what to eat, and then I saw a good review on this Restoran De' Champion Duck in Medan Putra Business Center, Menjalara. I love duck - roast duck, braised duck and anything duck :D. And I am angry at myself for not discovering this great duck place until yesterday!

I ordered a drumstick (quarter portion, RM16 i think), with some honey char siew as well. The total was RM26.10 including rice and hot Chinese Tea.
restoran de' champion duck medan putra menjalara/manjalara R0019681 copy

I am sure all of you roast duck lovers can tell by just one glance at these glistening skins that they were super crispy!
restoran de' champion duck, medan putra, manjalara/menjalara R0019683 copy
The meat was succulent and flavorful too. I don't think I will go to Onn Kee in Kepong Baru again. From now on, it's either De' Champion, or Loong Foong in Tmn Paramount.

I forgot to take the photos of the savory sauce. But let's just say that the duck and char siew were great on their own and you could do without the savory sauce or the chilli sauce. I did use a little of the savory sauce as it was quite nice - neither too sweet nor too salty, and definitely not overpowering like those served elsewhere!

The honey char siew was really good too. Not the most tender char siew I've tried but that's really a very personal and subjective preference. I think I can accept both types.

Caramelized and sweet on the outside, with the right degree of  tenderness inside. Nice to chew on.
honey char siew /bbq pork , medan putra, menjalara, kepong R0019684 copy

honey char siew /bbq pork , medan putra, menjalara, kepong  R0019685 copy

Braised duck wings and Duck feet parcel / duck feet wrap are available too. Didn't try them this time.
braised duck, and duck feet wraps R0019676 copy

You can pre-order Drunken Duck and Dongguai Duck too. I think I will try them next time!

restoran de' champion duck, medan putra, menjalara  R0019673 copy

restoran de' champion duck, medan putra, menjalara R0019674 copy


Whole bird, RM58 (April 2, 2013)
roast duck, de champion restoran R0022301 copy

Restoran De’ Champion Duck

No.10, Jalan Medan Putra 3
Medan Putra Business Centre
Bandar Menjalara, Kepong
52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 012-2732260

Business Hour: 11.30am – 9.00pm

GPS Coordinate: 3.19365,101.625177

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