Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ais Kacang - Brickfields

I was in Brickfields on a very very hot day. Then I saw this ais kacang stall which I have been to a few times.

Nice refreshing and cooling bowl of ais kacang. I like that they don't use the red syrup on their ABC. Not sure what that red tip was though.
ais kacang /ais batu campur brickfields R0019362 copy

Lots of ingredients in it: grass jelly, cendol noodles, kidney beans, maize, and santan too, I think.
brickfields ais kacang / ais batu campur R0019368 copy

RM3.50. Not cheap. I saw two price list two and didn't know which one to follow. One of them says RM3.50 and the other RM2.50.

abc / ais kacang /ais batu campur brickfields R0019356 copy

abc / ais kacang /ais batu campur brickfields R0019359 copy

This place is right outside 7-Eleven, behind YMCA. I have tried their cendol too but that was quite long ago and no photos. Forgot what it tasted like too :D. Well, next time!


Brickfield, outside 7-Eleven, behind YMCA.

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