Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rojak and Cendol, Kepong Baru

I have passed by this place many times and always see a good crowds in the late afternoon. From what I googled, the reviews seem to be quite okay so I decided to give it a try!

rojak kepong baru R0019655 copy

rojak kepong baru R0019657 copy

The rojak was not too bad, but then again, lacking something to make it really stands out. Just okay, but ordinary.
rojak kepong baru R0019660 copy

I didn't ask for sotong like I did last time (elsewhere). I never really like pickled cuttle fish anyway so why pay more for it.
rojak kepong baru R0019661 copy

The cendol / ABC stall is manned by someone else.
cendol kepong baru R0019666 copy

Unfortunately, the cendol was really not very good at all.
cendol kepong baru R0019669
Only RM2.00 though for this small bowl.

Kepong Baru, Jalan Mergastua road side, less than 100 meter from Caritas church.

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