Friday, November 23, 2012

Siew Kee Dim Sum Sungai Buloh

I saw an offer on LivingSocial for dim sum cash vouchers at Siew Kee so I bought two of it. Each voucher cost RM10 and is good for RM20 cash at the outlet.

Hong Kong style steamed cheong fun with prawns. Not freshly prepared as the dish was served really fast. Not very good, the noodle was thick and not very tender.RM3.80
prawns chee cheong fun R0019715 copy

Steamed Chicken feet (Fong Chow) with bean sauce. Nice and so tender the skin/flesh falls off the bones as soon as you put it into your mouth. RM4.00
chicken feet / fong chow R0019718 copy

siew kee dim sum - chicken feet/ fung chow R0019722 copy

R0019723 copy

Lau Sha Pao with yam paste. RM4.80. I found the skin/dough to be way too thick, and the yam paste/cream in it too thick and not runny at all. Very different from the other flavour - custard and egg yolk I have tasted before where the paste was creamy yet runny, ready to ooze out as soon as you take a bite!
R0019726 copy

lau sha pao R0019728 copy

See what I meant when I said the skin/dough was too thick?
liu sha bao, steamed bao with yam paste R0019733 copy

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao. RM5.80. Absolutely horrible. One out of the three bao's was completely dry inside, and the other two hardly had any juice left. Houston, we have leakage problem! I think this item should just be taken off the menu.
shanghai xiao long bao R0019735 copy

Where is the juice? Look at that poor, wrinkly, skinny bao :(
shanghai xiao long bao R0019737 copy

Oh well, I will just add lots of vinegar and julienned ginger on it before eating.
shanghai xiao long bao R0019743 copy

Siew Mai. RM4.00. Not very good either. Lots of chewy tendon in the meat.
siew mai / siu mai R0019747 copy

siew mai / siu mai R0019751 copy

All the 5 items above and one hot Chinese Tea came to RM22.40. I used one of my LivingSocial RM10 vouchers (= RM20 cash) so in actual, it cost me only RM12.40.

Edit: 2nd visit, and surely the last, just to use up my other RM10 voucher.

Seafood la mian, RM14.80. Three prawns, two green mussels, two scallops, calamari/squid rings and some la la clams minus shells.
seafood la mian noodle, siew kee dim sum sungai buloh R0020089 copy
The seafood just felt overcooked and tough, especially the mussels and scallops.

The la mian noodle wasn't well prepared I think. All crinkly and not straight. 
seafood la mian R0020091 copy

Porridge with century egg / pei tan chuk
porridge with century egg , pei tan chuk R0020076 copy
Nothing special. You can hardly find any century egg in it.

Gingko barley with fu chuk.
gingko barley Fu Chuk R0020078 copy

Total: RM21.10


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siew kee dim sum menu page 1 R0019745 copy
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