Sunday, November 25, 2012

Flying wonton noodle - Kepong

I was checking out nice places to eat out at and I chanced upon this interesting wonton noodle stall near Jusco Kepong. Read on to find out why I said it was interesting.

So I made it there on fine noon, and I ordered braised chicken feet and char siew wonton noodle. The chicken feet were just okay. Still quite tender but not as fall-off-the-bones kind of tender. The char siew, whilst not top of the class, was quite great for what you get at wonton noodle stalls. Besides no red dye coloring on the outside, the taste and texture also went very well with the noodle.
ah di flyig wonton noodle @ Kepong R0019760 copy

The spoon was placed at the bottom, with the wonton noodle on top of the spoon so the  al-dente wonton noodle wouldn't soak up too much gravy and become soggy.
ah di flying wonton noodle kepong R0019759 copy

Even after a whole good 5 minutes or more (of me photographing the dish), the noodle was still springy and slightly resistant to the bite. Yum, that's my kind of noodle!
ah di flying wonton kepong R0019763 copy
You would bite into fresh, crunchy bits of lard too occasionally. Lovely taste.

I think this guy's name is Ah Di, which is also the name of the stall - Ah Di wonton noodle.
flying wonton noodle in kepong R0019752 copy

After blanching the wonton noodle, he'd rinse it and then toss it high up into the air to get rid of the excess liquid. :) It was fun to watch!
flying wonton noodle kepong animation

This place is quite easy to find. It's just opposite Jusco Kepong, on the other side of Jalan Kepong (See map)
R0019766 copy

I felt slightly thirsty for a couple of hours after eating. I think it's the soup.


Kedai Kopi Peng Kee Baru
Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 1

Business Hours: Morning till 3pm daily. Off days not fixed

GPS coordinate: 3.214589,101.638808

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