Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chicken rice @ Taman Kok Doh

I have passed by this place in Taman Kok Doh many times and always saw a good crowd there so I decided to give it a try yesterday.

R0019702 copy

I ordered poached chicken like I normally do because I really preferred the original taste and flavor of poached chicken. They gave me the wing part...grrr...I should have asked for "gai yee dou" though.

The poached chicken was quite nice and I especially like the garlic and ginger-garlic sauce they provided. Not many stalls provide this type of sauce anymore. 

chicken rice and siew yuk, taman kok doh R0019706 copy

It was a mistake ordering the siew yuk (roast pork) though. The skins were still acceptably crispy but quite tough, the rest of the parts weren't very good at all. The inner part (the reddish part) should have been trimmed off as well as they were dry and very salty. But then again, you get what you paid for. The poached chicken and siew yuk only cost me RM8. Another RM0.40 for the hot Chinese tea.
siew yuk/roast pork, chicken rice stall, taman kok doh R0019705 copy

Double boiled ham choi soup (pickled mustard green) with duck and tofu. RM8 for this pot of soup.
double boiled ham choi / ham choy duck soup R0019698 copy

I wonder why roast duck was used? Leftover? Why not just fresh, unfried duck for making soup? It tasted nice but I felt there was too much MSG in it.
ham choi / ham choy soup with duckR0019699 copy
It just feels so weird when you put something in your mouth and you immediately feels the "tastiness" of the food, almost as if the taste signal travels at broadband speed from the taste receptors on our tongue to our brain. The signal should travel at dial-up speed! :D For me, at least!

I only ordered siew yuk (roast pork) because it looked nice on this menu. Well, it looked better than it tasted, really. 

roast pork taman kok doh R0019695 copy

Many types of double boiled soups are available too! I might go try the pig stomach pepper soup some time.
soup menu, chicken rice taman kok doh R0019692 copy

chicken rice and double boiled soup, taman kok doh R0019708 copy

There is no way you will miss this place if you happen to pass by.
Cheng Kee / Tseng Kee / Zheng Kee, chicken rice, roast pork, soup, taman kok doh R0019711 copy

Soup - RM8
Poached chicken and roast pork - RM8
hot tea - RM0.40
Total: RM16.40

GPS Coordinate: 3.196101,101.665498

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