Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tandoori chicken Restaurant Choice@Melawati

I have been to this place many times but never knew that they served good tandoori chicken until a friend of mine told me :D. A few days ago, I decided to have an early dinner there before heading for night macro!

Tandoori chicken, RM6. Quite tender and not dry. A bit too reddish though and I am always suspicious if there was any artificial coloring used. Quite tasty, but I prefer the one opposite Ampang Park much better.
chicken tandoori / tandoori chicken, restaurant choice, taman melawati R0019370 copy

Cost RM1 more compared to the one in Ampang, but bigger piece of meat, and a big plate of mint sauce, not very concentrated though. The chicken didn't look very juicy here but it was quite tender and juicy! Definitely better than most other tandoori places I have been to.
chicken tandoori / tandoori chicken, restaurant choice, taman melawati R0019371 copy

Garlic naan, RM3.50. Slightly thicker and also slightly more fluffy than the one from Ampang. I think I prefer this version better.
garlic naan, restaurant choice, taman melawati R0019379 copy

The restaurant is open 24 hours I think, but the tandoori oven will start operating at around 530pm.


Nasi kandar with 3 pieces of beef and some vege. RM10!
nasi kandar with beef in restoran choice R0019513 copy

Google Map:

GPS coordinate: 3.221715,101.740994

Address: Jalan E1, corner unit.

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