Friday, November 30, 2012

Nasi Campur Sofie Resources Section 14

I was in the Digital Mall to get some IT stuff and after that, decided to have a quick lunch nearby. Not wanting to drive far and brave the traffic and facing the hassle of finding a parking spot, I decided to wander into the wet market to look for food.

There were at least two nasi campur stalls there and for some reason, I didn't stop at the first one, but the second one.

Nasi campur with pajeri terung, raw angled beans stir fried bitter gourd RM 6.00 (including the grilled fish in the next photo)
nasi campur R0019928 copy

Yummy grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf!
banana leaf grilled fish R0019931 copy

Quite many dishes to choose from.
R0019934 copy

R0019937 copy

R0019938 copy

Lunch only.

Sofie Resources
Inside the wet market next to Digital Mall, Section 14.

Jalan 14/14

Contact number: 012-687 9108

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