Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nasi Lemak Jumbo Special KL - Tmn Sri Sinar

Nasi Lemak Jumbo Special Kuala Lumpur. Apparently, it is very famous. I didn't know that until I googled about it. It has its own Facebook page. It's supposed to have its own web page too as can be seen on the banner, but for some reason, it's not accessible.

You can only get it in pasar malam (night market). Not just one location but many! Even in Melaka too!

From it's Facebook page:

Monday - Taman Sri Sinar& Sri Gombak
Tuesday - Sri Petaling
Wednesday - Tmn Beringin
Thur - Tmn Yulek, Cheras, Metroprima,Selayang & Tmn Ehsan, Kepong
Friday - Dmnsara Damai & Tmn Pinggiran Bt Caves
Sat - Tmn Midah,Cheras, Udang Siar Segambbt & Tmn Sri Gombak
Sun - Manjalara,Jinjang & Kepong Baru

Yummy curry chicken, well marinated fried chicken, cuttle fish, hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, peanuts, ikan bilis and the rice is nicely cooked - soft, fluffy, grains don't stick together, with rich santan flavour.
nasi lemak jumbo taman sri sinar pasar malam R0019647 copy

R0020690 copy

nasi lemak jumbo taman sri sinar pasar malam R0019645 copy

nasi lemak jumbo sri sinar R0019649 copy

Contact numbers
R0019650 copy

The sambal was great
R0020689 copy

Cuttle fish. Not attracted to this at all. Not for me.
cuttle fish, sotong R0020688 copy

Well marinated fried chicken. Nice!
well marinated fried chicken R0020686 copy

Chicken rendang....really great.
rendang chicken R0020683 copy

R0020685 copy

Only for take-away/to go. Wrapped in waxed paper. It didn't look very good here but I can assure you that it tasted great. A bit too much msg though. I normally order fried chicken as well as curry chicken, but the fried ones were tiny and didn't look good that day so I passed.
nasi lemak jumbo sri sinar R0019652 copy
RM4.50. I sometimes add a piece of fried chicken but only when I go there early, say before 6pm when the chickens were still hot.

Edit: because all my facebook friends complained that the nasi lemak looked unappetizing, I decided to bring a bowl there one way. And this was what I got:

nasi lemak jumbo special KL R0020932 copy

Edit: now, in a plate :)
nasi lemak jumbo special KL 2013-04-22 18.04.09 copy

Nasi lemak with ayam rendang and sotong/cuttlefish. Still didn't like cuttlefish. To me it's tasteless and rubbery.
2013-09-30 17.16.02 copy

GPS Coordinate: 3.186917,101.650792

It's just outside KFC Tmn Sri Sinar. Available on Monday evening during pasar malam (night market) hours only.

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