Monday, January 14, 2013

Bella Tom Yam@Ulu Yam

I am not sure if Bella Tom Yam sells tom yam because when we were there at 12 noon, we saw only nasi campur. But I am sure they do that maybe at night.

Chicken curry, eggplant with beef innards and jantung pisang (banana inflorescence) with sambal.
nasi campur in ulu yam R0020905 copy

No ikan keli this time. Hehe. They did have ikan keli but they didn't look nice. Dry and not enough chili on them so I passed. I went for jantung pisang (banana inflorescence) instead - something which I had always wanted to try!
R0020904 copy

I didn't know the chili eggplant came with innards. Not that I would have minded, just that I thought those were cockles :D. Anyway, I am always willing to try new things!

R0020908 copy

R0020907 copy

R0020906 copy

R0020909 copy

3 plates of nasi campur and 3 glasses of iced beverage cost RM20.40. A little on the high side for this kampung area eatery I think.

As soon as you reach the T junction of Ulu Yam, make a right and you will see Bella Tom Yam on your left.

GPS Coordinate: 3.426066,101.661298

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