Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vinegar Pig Trotter - Sri Sinar Food Court

As mentioned in my previous post, Sri Sinar food court has been in operation since Dec 30, 2012. I made my first visit there on Jan 1, 2013 and again, on Jan 3, 2013.

This time I decided to go for Tu Kha Chor (Vinegar pig trotter), and after ordering this, I saw tu thor t'ng (pig stomach soup). I couldn't resist so I ordered that as well!

Vinegar pig trotter, RM7.00
vinegar pig trotter R0020874 copy
It was quite nice but I wished they had put more ginger in it, and perhaps more vinegar too. Not sour and not gingery enough for my liking.

vinegar pig trotter R0020869 copy

vinegar pig trotter, tu kha chor R0020867 copy

Peppery Pig stomach soup. RM6.00
R0020871 copy
It was quite good. I really like how peppery the soup was, but I think they put too much kiam chye /ham choy (salted vegetable) in it and as a result the taste became too complicated.

R0020866 copy

R0020865 copy

R0020863 copy

R0020862 copy

For more info and map, please refer to my previous post.