Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chuan Kee Original Ulu Yam Lor Mee

Whenever I stop over at Ulu Yam for food, Ulu Yam Lor Mee is something that I almost always order. The part of Ulu Yam that most non locals (including me) are familiar with is Ulu Yam Baru. I had noticed that there was a Ulu Yam Lama but never really knew where it was until a few days ago!

My friend told me that this restaurant was the first and original lor mee in Ulu Yam.

Part I - a simple lunch at Chuan Kee, Ulu Yam Lama.

A plate of Hokkien Noodle for two. Only RM9.00.
ulu yam hokkien noodle R0020781 copy
The noodle was home made with minimal lye water. The owner told us that it will last no more than 3 days compared to those commercially type that will last up to one week.

Nice thick gravy. It was very nice.
hokkien noodle, ulu yam chuan kee restaurant R0020780 copy

chuan kee restaurant, ulu yam lama hokkien noodle R0020785 copy

Part II - dinner at the same restaurant the following day.

The original Ulu Yam Lor Mee. My friend told me that this was the first lor mee restaurant in Ulu Yam. The same type of home made noodle was used for this lor mee.
chuan kee lor mee, ulu yam lama, R0020799 copy
Vinegar pre-added to the bowl of noodle. You can add more to your own bowl to your liking. I did.

ulu yam lama lor mee, chuan kee restaurant R0020809 copy

They called this lor bak (braised pork). Absolutely too fat for our taste. The owner explained that the only pork supplier in town is only willing to supply inferior cut like this to the restaurant.
R0020802 copy

Saito fish cake(西刀鱼饼). Very nice!
saito fish cake R0020792 copy

This shop's home made noodles are available for sale too. Each bag is RM3.50
ulu yam lama home made noodle R0020790 copy

RM3.50 per bag.
home made noodle, ulu yam lama R0020791 copy

The lor mee, fish paste and lor bak, a glass of iced Chinese tea, a cup of boiled water, and a bag of noodle came to RM29.00

There are other fruits and produce for sale too. You can see Buddha's Hand and pulasan in the picture below.
R0020779 copy

chuan kee restaurant, ulu yam lama R0020778 copy

R0020777 copy

R0020775 copy

Edit: items from subsequent visits:

Fish paste and fu chuk.
fish paste and fu chuk R0021614 copy

Sang Har Meen. RM8/100g. This plate cost RM53. The boss gave us extra noodle for free.
sang har mee, chuan kee restaurant R0021684 copy
A little pricey but very nice.

Other items you can order:
R0021620 copy
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Tel: 017-219 8834 / 017-290 2289

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