Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant@Tawau

My second time having seafood in Kam Ling seafood restaurant in Sabindo part of Tawau. The first time was when we stopped by Sabindo for an early dinner on the way back from Maliau Basin.

Sea weed appetizer. Sweet. Not to my liking. I would have preferred jelly fish.
sea weed appetizer R0021143 copy

Hoi Dai Gai (sea chicken, Maori sea perch). My first time trying this fish. The texture was quite firm and not smooth like most fish. Nice and fresh, but I really don't think I will fork out close to RM140 for a 1 kg fish like this again. A bit over-rated if you ask me.
hoi dai gai, maori seaperch, kam ling seafood restaurant, tawau R0021154 copy

Mantis shrimps with salted egg yolk coating. Nice, fresh and sweet. My most favorite dish of all.
mantis shrimps with salted egg yolk R0021163 copy

Stir fried Sabah vege with garlic...heard a lot of about this vege but still not too sure what it is. It's a little like paku pakis (fern shoot)- nice, fresh and crunchy. Liked it a lot.
sabah vegeR0021161 copy
Edit: I have been told that Sabah Vege is actually the young tip of sayur manis bush. I did some googling and found some info here and here.

Fruit platter, on the house.
fruit platter R0021165 copy

All three dishes cost us about RM260 including drinks.

R0021150 copy

R0021140 copy

Live mud crabs
R0021151 copy

Maori sea perch (sea chicken, hoi dai gai)
hoi dai gai, sea chicken R0021139 copy

R0021144 copy

R0021146 copy

R0021147 copy

R0021148 copy

Kam Ling seafood restaurant (Facebook page here)
No 25, Bandar Sabindo,
Jalan Cheng Fook,
Tawau, Sabah,
Malaysia, 91000
Mon - Sun: 3:30 pm - 10:30 pm
GPS coordinate: 4.242845 117.890244

Tel: +60198832511, +60168262511

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