Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chicken Rice - Tmn Sri Sinar

I had chicken rice for dinner yesterday and again, chicken rice tonight! Yikes. I don't hate chicken but I find it really boring! I prefer something more interesting like duck, beef, lamb, or fish, or petai :P

Anyway, this stall is just a few steps away from Sri Sinar Curry House.

Very nice poached chicken. Very little fat, firm and flavorful. I personally like this better than the one I had in Sungai Buloh.
chicken rice, taman sri sinar R0020755 copy

chicken rice, tmn sri sinar R0020754 copy

Mini pork balls. The smallest I have ever seen but very firm and bouncy. Liked it.
pork ball R0020756 copy

Tauge / bean sprout.The sprouts were much longer than the nice plumb type you get in Ipoh. I didn't like this very much but it was still quite crunchy though.
bean sprout chicken, taman sri sinar R0020761 copy

I love chicken rice stalls that offer ginger paste as well as chili sauce.
ginger paste and chili sauce R0020759 copy

R0020763 copy

taman sri sinar chicken rice R0020768 copy

Besides poached chicken, there are roasted chicken, pig liver sausage, fish ball, pork ball, braised tofu, braised egg, vegetable soup etc.

The poached chicken, pork balls, bean sprout and a glass of warm herbal drink came to RM8.80.


Jalan 27/38A,
Taman Sri Sinar
Two stalls away from Sri Sinar Curry House.

Business hour: opens in the evening only.

GPS Coordinate: 3.188789,101.650097

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