Thursday, January 31, 2013

Restoran Sri Keningau - Tawau

We decided to have an early lunch in Tawau town before heading to one of the parks not too far outside of Tawau. Our taxi driver took us to this place.

I had a mix of steamed rice and nasi kuning (yellow rice), some tempeh, paku (fern shoot) and beef rendang.
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The food tasted okay but it was quite obvious that lots of MSG was used in the cooking!

The tempeh was a little too sweet. Didn't quite like how the paku was prepared.
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As mentioned, too much MSG in the food, and from the price lists on the wall, the prices were on the high side, however, the same couldn't be said about the food quality. This place is really nowhere close to my favorite Malay food place: Anis Putri in Pantai Dalam.

Restoran Sri Keningau (Facebook page)
Lorong Haji Karim
91000 Tawau 
Tel: 089-89767070
GPS coordinate: 4.246403,117.889703

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