Thursday, January 17, 2013

Satay - Sri Sinar Food Court

Satay at Sri Sinar Food Court. More info about this food court can be found here.

RM3 for 5 skewers of chicken satay, and a little bit of cucumber and onion.
satay, sri sinar food court R0020899 copy
You can see clearly from the images here that there are only two small pieces of meat, and one piece of skin.

They tasted okay but you can sense the amount of MSG in it.
satay, sri sinar food court R0020898 copy
The peanut sauce was slightly different from the usual type. Very fine peanut and hardly any chunks at all. I prefer slightly chunky type.

I think there are less meat in the 5 skewers altogether compared to a BBQ chicken wing. I would rather go for the RM2.50 chicken wing at Chu Yu anytime.

Map and more info here.