Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pokemon Noodles House@Sri Sinar

Pokemon Noodles House is a pan mee specialty shop. It is located just behind Plaza Sri Sinar.

This street (Jalan 6/38D) is always jammed almost all day long with many inconsiderate drivers double parking. I advise you to park a little further away on 5/38D (see the map at the bottom) where you can find a spot easily and take a short walk (less than 200 meters) to the shop. 

RM4.50 for small, and RM5.00 for large. I ordered small with clear soup and thick noodle. There are, of course, many different flavors to choose from - sour & spicy, dry, tom yam, asam, loh. As for types of noodles, you can go for either machine made (thick or thin) or handmade.

The stock was sweet but of course you could tell there was quite a bit of MSG in it. The noodle was al dente, even till the last strand. Just the right amount of firmness and not hard.  
clear soup pan mee, pokemon noodles house at taman sri sinar R0021048 copy
The sambal sauce was quite potent too but luckily the hotness level was still within my tolerance limit! Whew!

The deep fried anchovies were nice but not as crispy as the ones here.  But that could be because they served the anchovies in a small saucer!

pokemon pan mee taman sri sinar R0021050 copy

pokemon noodles house taman sri sinar R0021045 copy

pokemon pan mee sri sinar segambut R0021051 copy

Pokemon is just next to Kah Hing Vietnamese restaurant and Fan Cam Mei fish head noodle restaurant and somewhat opposite my favorite - Hor Poh Hakka restaurant.

39, Jalan 6/38D,
Taman Sri Sinar
Kuala Lumpur
(Closed on Mondays)
8am to 5 pm.
GPS coordinates: 3.1894025, 101.6527605

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