Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nasi Lemak Marvellous Taman Melati

During my past few trips to Taman Melati, I noticed that there were quite a few nasi kukus and nasi lemak outlets there, near the LRT station. I also noticed this shop that calls itself "Nasi Lemak Marvellous". With a name like that, of course I had to give it a try.

Instead of nasi lemak, I went for nasi kukus though. I will try the nasi lemak next time, but frankly, after trying the nasi kukus, I can't be sure if I will still go back there again.

Nasi kukus. The curry gravies were okay but not great. The fried chicken was cold, hard and dry. Bad! The chilli wasn't good either - very watery and lack oomph!
nasi kukus taman melati R0020813 copy

nasi lemak marvellous taman melati R0020812 copy

nasi lemak marvellous taman melati R0020820 copy

fried chicken nasi lemak marvellous R0020819 copy

Many other dishes to choose from.
lauk lauk nasi lemak marvellous taman melati R0020817 copy

These just didn't look very appealing to me.
curry at nasi lemak taman melati R0020815 copy

Marvelous, with two L's :D
nasi lemak marvellous taman melati R0020821 copy

RM 6.50 with a cup of hot milo kosong.

I would rather go to the first one I tried. Much cheaper and the gravies and chili were nicer. Cheaper too.

Edit: 2nd visit

RM8.00 including limau ais. Ikan keli with chili and one vege. A little pricey I think.
R0022750 copy


Jalan Taman Melati 1/5,
Taman Melati,
53100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinate: 3.222208,101.719422

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