Friday, January 11, 2013

Curry Noodle @ Jalan Alor

A friend of mine told me that this curry noodle stall in Jalan Alor is good and even appeared in our local tv program "Ho Jiak". The name of this stall is actually "Alor Corner Curry Noodle".

We are there at around 4:30pm on a Tuesday and there was no other patron yet at that time.

It looked very nice and appetizing! Tasted very good too.
curry noodle at jalan alor R0020969 copy
The gravy was thick and full of santan (lemak). A little on the sweet side but still okay. I liked the texture and flavor of the poached chicken, and also the half cooked cockles (siham).

curry mee at jalan alor R0020968 copy

The chili paste was really different, so should I call it chili sauce. It wasn't really spicy but very fragrant and did add additional kick to the bowl of noodle.
chili sauce / chili paste R0020966 copy

Each bowl is RM6.00
curry laksa jalan alor R0020963 copy

This stall is at the beginning of Jalan Alor, just opposite Loong Kee.
jalan alor curry mee R0020961 copy

Four types of noodles to choose from. From the left: hor fun (flat noodle), yellow noodle, bihun and lai fun.
R0020958 copy

Nice, thick curry gravy!
R0020955 copy

Location: the beginning of Jalan Alor, opposite Loong Kee restaurant.

Hours: 2 pm to 9 pm. Closed on Thursday.

GPS Coordinate: 3.146622,101.709621

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