Thursday, January 24, 2013

Union Tea House - Tawau

Our Tawau friend, Andy brought us to this nice cafe for afternoon snack before the seafood dinner.

I ordered black coffee, which was still okay. But from what I was told, the milk tea was quite good. I will try that if I go there again.

We also ordered this red bean biscuit. RM1.50 each.

Tau Sar Pneah / Tau sar Peng (red bean paste biscuit)
tau sar pneah / tau sar peng, red bean paste biscuit 2013-01-21 15.38.37 copy
I really loved this. Really fresh! The paste was smooth and not overly sweet. The pastry was more towards the Western style of bakery - firm but not hard -  and not powdery like those Penang style of mung bean biscuit (tau sar pneah).

2013-01-21 15.39.59 copy

Union Cafe 友联茶楼  (Facebook page)
Jalan Sin Onn
Sabah 91000, Malaysia