Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bitter gourd noodle

The weather was hot and I was cracking my brain trying to think of something light and simple for lunch when I recalled a recent food posting - bitter gourd noodle -  by a Facebook friend of mine. Simple, light and healthy! Perfect! So off I went to Chu Yu restaurant.

Fried bitter gourd with egg, and noodle in clear soup. I opted for hor fun (flat noodle). The hor fun was quite thick and not smooth at all, but everything else was nice. I liked the fragrance of the fried egg and how it infused the soup with a light, smoky flavor. The bitter gourd wasn't bitter too. Not that I would mind if it were bitter. I quite liked the fish ball and fish paste too.
fried egg and bitter gourd soup noodle R0020826 copy
You can choose other types of noodles too - glass noodle, beehoon, yellow noodle, hor fun.

The soup tasted naturally sweet. My friend said the stall owner told her that no MSG was used for the soup.
fu gua mai fun / bitter gourd noodle R0020825 copy

The proprietor. I think he also sells at the Sri Sinar Monday night pasar malam.
R0020828 copy

R0020829 copy

R0020830 copy

Restaurant Chu Yu
No 50 Jalan 16/38D, 
Taman Sri Sinar  
Kuala Lumpur
51200, Malaysia
GPS coordinates: 3.187922,101.651602

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The BBQ chicken wings in this restaurant is great too. Only available in the evening/night. More info here. The mixed rice stall in this restaurant is really popular too. People start queuing up at this stall as early as before 11am!