Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nasi Ayam Sungai Buloh

I passed by this "Nasi Ayam Sungai Buloh" /chicken rice place around noon time a few weeks ago and saw a big crowd there so I told myself I had to come back to try it. It didn't happen until today.

The poached chicken looked quite good. Lots of fat, but lucidly quite tender.

Nasi ayam sungai buloh poached chicken R0020748 copy

Nice crunchy bean sprout.
taugeh/bean sprout, nasi ayam sungai buloh R0020744 copy

I also ordered fish ball. Very different swirl type as you can see here. A bit too soft and soggy for my liking. You can also go for pork ball.
fish ball, nasi ayam sungai buloh R0020742 copy

The rice was just plain, no flavor at all. I couldn't detect any ginger in it. The chili sauce wasn't potent enough. I also wished there were ginger sauce as well.
rice, nasi ayam sungai buloh R0020741 copy

nasi ayam sungai buloh R0020739 copy

It is just next to Hong Leong bank, and at the same block as Kong Mah dim sum.
nasi ayam sungai buloh R0020750 copy

Price: RM8.40 including a glass of hot herbal drink.


Location: No.29, Jalan Public U19,
Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh,
47000 Selangor.
Business Hours: 11:00am to 8:00pm (Daily)

GPS Coordinate: 3.197769, 101.567973

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