Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nasi Kukus Taman Melati - No name

I was in the Gombak area to check out if there is any nice and cheap places for dinner. I drove past many stalls but nothing caught my fancy,  and before I knew it, I realized that my appointment was in less than 20 minutes!

Then I saw this rustic little nasi kukus stall  among many others by the road side in Taman Melati. OK, nasi kukus it is!

Nasi kukus with ayam rendang, kangkong and curry chicken feet, and flooded with curry gravy (banjir!!!) :D
nasi kukus taman melati R0020163 copy
The ayam rendang was just okay for me. Too mild and I prefer more oomph in my curry. The other curry gravy that came with the chicken feet (from the same pot) was very nice though. The kangkong, however, was overcooked and not very nice.

Hehe...yes, curry chicken feet. My first time, well, second time trying it. Both times at this same place!
curry chicken feet and nasi kukus R0020159 copy
The chicken feet was quite tender. Nice! I think it were the chicken feet that made me come back the second time!

nasi kukus taman melati R0020158 copy
I didn't go for the fried chicken because I had tried it before and it was cold, dry and hard.

From inside looking out
R0020164 copy

From outside
R0020166 copy

Only RM6.00 with a cup of hot milo kosong.

Jalan Madrasah. Only about 300 meters from Taman Melati LRT.
Evening only

GPS Coordinate: 3.219306,101.720413

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